Monday, August 30, 2010

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Not only is it an amazing song and musical, but I have my choir audition today! I figure listening to some Les Misérables would be suitable conditioning. Mondays sure are an easy day for me! Three short, one hour classes and I'm out at 11:45. Getting the chance to go eat with friends, have plenty of time to finish any homework, and still have tons of time in the evening is great! I wish more of my days could be like this, but unfortunately I must work, have labs, and more classes. I can savor my Mondays at least!

So this music audition doesn't have me really concerned. When I auditioned for choir back in high school it was amazing how nervous I got, but today I just want to go have a good time and if I make it, added bonus! (Though I probably will be disappointed if I don't make it) The director of the choir is an amazing lady and I know that being in the normal choir would be a blast. Being in the elite choir would be great too, but I just don't have the time for it. I'm also not that crazy about choir. I enjoy singing, but when it comes to music and everything I'm not as quick as everyone else to get it. Hopefully I'll have a good time regardless of what happens. Before I go audition though I need to go see what the smoothie shop has to offer! Wow, that's probably the worst plan before an audition. Don't worry, I'm to poor to actually afford crazy things like smoothies! Peace!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The World Is Spinning Too Fast

Right now I feel like I can't keep up with anything. I mean seriously, I moved who knows how much stuff into the dorm, checked to make sure I survive and when it came time to actually start classes? I didn't have any notebook paper or even a pencil! Talk about poor planning. Sometimes it feels like there's so many things happening so fast around here right now. I'm not a very quick person. I can run fast and all sure, but when it comes to signing up for things and going around to different places I just enjoy taking my time. I hope the entire year doesn't feel quite as rushed as it does now. College is fun and I want to enjoy it more than I did high school. High school was great, but I don't want college to go by so fast.

That's enough complaining for one day. Today was actually my first day of real college. Real classes, real teachers, and real work to start doing. I'm kind of excited about all of it. I just need to remember to sit down and actually start putting together a list of everything I need to get done. Tomorrow is Friday (Thank God!) and that means my first classes of A&P and Survey of Chemistry. Those are the two biggest subjects I'm really going to have to study for. Anyways, right now I actually have to print stuff off and get ready for A&P! Adios!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dorm Time

So this is it. This is the big time. Finally have the dorm room outfitted with the essentials. We have beds, desks, a fridge, a microwave, macs, speakers, a tv, a PS1, a Sega Genesis, an NES, a laser show, a couch, and plenty of other stuff! Okay. So maybe a little bit more than the essentials. We're set though. My buddy, Chris, and I, also Chris, are the we that I am referring to. We spent today moving in and tonight will be our first night in the dorm. The set up is pretty awesome as it should be since it took us a while to rearrange everything just right. We're happy with the results and our room is sure to be a marvel in the coming months.

Our first meal for the dorms we decided to Christen (Ha ha, "Chris"ten?) the dorm in the correct way with some delicious Ramen. I was hungry, now I'm somewhat less hungry, so it worked pretty well. Today wasn't all that busy. A little time was spent running around picking up a few last minute objects, but now the dorm room has really taken shape. I'm excited about it's future and will happily post any new additions we might add.

I'm really excited about starting this new adventure. College has always seemed like a great time and I've anxiously awaited its coming. For the next two days I won't have much to do besides go to meetings and learn more about how the campus is run. Hopefully it won't be too bad and I won't lose my excitement for University. I've got all the books, and I've lived here most of my life so I know where most everything is, but who knows what all could happen! There's so much to do around here it seems so I hope I can stay busy. Mom figures I should try studying so I might give it a go (I guess it could be helpful). I'm in an awesome place, with awesome people, and awesome times ahead I hope. Peace out for now, I'll be checking in fairly regularly from now on hopefully!

Project X-Ray

Sea kayaks prove to be very interesting boats. Just today I had my first experience rowing in one. Around sixteen feet long and only around two feet wide in the middle these kayaks make for a different feel than a smaller whitewater kayak. My adventure today consisted of accompanying my dad to a evening of food and kayaking with our local kayaking club he is a member of. The afternoon started with a nice dinner and then everybody headed down to the water to paddle a comfortable mile and a half to the "bat cave". Yep. That's what they refer to it as. I believe the real name is Nickajack Cave. That could be because it rests on Nickajack Lake. Maybe. Anyways, we were met by an older genteman who gave a great talk on bats and how helpful they are blah blah blah. I tuned in and out as sometimes facts he brought up were actually interesting. The most interesting part of his whole talk had to of been about Project X-Ray.

Project X-Ray was started by the Army as a solution to bombing Japan. The entire idea behind the project was that a small incendiary bomb would be dropped on Japan by none other than... bats. President Roosevelt actually approved the idea. One testing facility for Project X-Ray was consequently burned down when the bats, after being released, decided to go home and flew back to the Army base from which they had come. Upon roosting in many of the buildings they were detonated, burning most of the base. One very unfortunate bat even found his way to a fuel tank and took up roost there. Soon after these accidents the project moved from the Army to the Navy and quickly from the Navy to the Marines. Two years and two million dollars later after its approval, Project X-Ray was disbanded. The development of the bat bomb was just moving too slowly. The atomic bomb was progressing much faster and appeared to be the better solution to ending the war quickly. Dr. Adams, the man who conceived this idea, made this comment about the effectiveness of the bat bombs compared to the devastation of the atomic bomb. "Think of thousands of fires breaking out simultaneously over a circle of forty miles in diameter for every bomb dropped. Japan could have been devastated, yet with small loss of life." Simply incredible the ideas people have. Imagine the History books if the U.S. had really gone with the "Invasion By Bats". I think I would have found World War II much more interesting of a section.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back To The Future

I would love a time machine right about now. There is so much in my life that I would be willing to change, but maybe there is more to my life that I wouldn't want to change. Yesterday happen to be a pretty amazing day. The day started with the return to Collegedale from my three week college class that had me kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and caving (That's another story for later though!). After cleaning gear and packing up my car, I loaded the Jeep with four of my friends from the class and took them out to Taco Bell. Pretty typical. Then to the Samaritan Center. That's not always usual, but it has been known to happen. This time, however, I purchased a couch. One nasty, orange, plush, love seat. For fifteen dollars. After the purchase, my group hoisted up this ancient artifact and we placed it on top of the Jeep. To hold it down? Only two hammock straps and four college students (That sound different) holding on to the ends of the straps inside the car. I'm proud to say it made it home safely! I believe the real credit goes to the Jeep though.

So how can I say I want to change things when days like this keep popping up?! Instead of looking into the past for everything that went wrong, it is so much better to focus on the future and what exciting memories might be coming up! The rest of the day carried on with much joy. Eating real fruit for the first time in a month, riding my longboard with friends for the first time in years (It's felt like years!), and finally getting to sleep in my own bed for once. Just having my own bed to collapse in would have made this an amazing day. The whole trip all I had was a hammock or the ground, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and whatever clothing could be made into a pillow. My bed felt like a cloud.

So today marks the first whole day I have back from my class. I'm up pretty early (I can never sleep in), I have two friends from the class staying at my house at least for tonight, and pretty soon I'll have to make them pancakes. One of the rules in the backcountry is when someone starts talking about food he has to provide that food for everyone later. I talked about pancakes obviously. I'm glad I finally get to use an electric skillet instead of our camp stoves that have created every meal I've eaten in the past month. After pancakes who knows what we'll do. We enjoy having fun and whatever we can come up with is possible. College will be starting soon, but who wants to focus on that part of the future? I'm good focusing on this next week and making it one of the most memorable weeks I've ever had!