Monday, September 20, 2010

9/17 - 9/19 Mike's New Apartment

This past weekend was a glorious time. To start things off let me just clarify how amazing Fridays are. I get out of school at eleven on fridays. Every Friday. The weekends start off as glorious!!! I finished my firefighting orientation, cleaned the Jeep and my backpack, and then drove solo from Collegedale to Knoxville (Completely illustrated map above).

Why Knoxville? It just so happens that my bro found a job up there and will be living in an apartment by himself for the next six months (Or however long he has the contract up there). This being his moving weekend I went up to help out and to see him off. It was about an hour and half drive, but it was a great time to listen to tunes and just enjoy the beginning of a bright and beautiful weekend!

On Sabbath we went to the Knoxville Seventh-Day Adventist Church where, surprise surprise, we found people we knew! Go figure, right? Yes, it's true, wherever you go in the Adventist system there will be people who know you. So Church was nice, but after we got home I promptly ate and fell asleep for the next four hours. Finally, after waking up mom decided it was time for a walk and we headed out. Ended up doing a little shopping too. Got some food, some kitchen items, a microwave... all that good stuff. Interesting Knoxville fact: On game day, everyone, even at ten o'clock at Wal Mart will still be wearing their Vols paraphernalia!

Although we had to leave Mike on Sunday we did make one last shopping run to McKay's Used Books and CDs for a quick look at their selection. Left there with a Top Gun poster, six vinyls, and the new Tenth Avenue North CD (Which is amazing). Then after saying goodbye it was back off to Collegedale for another week of school.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekends Are Magical

So relaxing, so peaceful, and so enjoyable. When Friday arrives it's like an extra energy boost! I realize that real sleep, afternoon naps, and not worrying about class is a possibility. This past week has been an exhausting one. My alarm is set for six and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I'm off to the pool for a morning swim while on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Fitness for Life at seven. A couple of days I actually got to bed at a ridiculously reasonable hour like nine or ten, but others I barely made it through the door before grace period (11:15)! This weekend I actually thought about checking out of the dorm, but I was too lazy to. My roommate did so the dorm is now a pretty lonely place, but sometimes a little solitude isn't the worst thing. The only issue is when they kick me out of the dorm tomorrow morning... I think I might just take a nice walk before that happens. So this week has been pretty busy, where do I even start?

Firefighting. That's right. Guess what I'm volunteering for? Tri Community Volunteer Fire Department (TCVFD)! Usually the application process, interview, and orientation could last for a couple of weeks even, but I'm wrapping all mine up in four days. Just this last Tuesday is when I visited the fire hall and a friend of mine started asking questions to see if I could join a first responder class that they're starting. She got it all set up and then Wednesday came and I had my application turned in. Thursday I started my orientation (before my interview, which is totally out of order) and visited two fire stations before having to be back in the dorm (it was one of those nights I barely squeaked in). Friday was finally my interview and next Tuesday will be the first day of class!

Another exciting part of this week is my recent opportunity to be a freshman blog at SAU! In other words I'll be doing a post (such as this) every week about how school is going and I get ten bucks for it! I'm pretty stoked about it because I already enjoy blogging so this will be no problem!

Another job that I've obtained is landscaping. The job description appears to be me, in a golf cart, running around SAU with a leaf blower and a weed whipper cleaning up campus. I GET A GOLF CART!!! Oh yeaaah. I'm excited about this one too. Hopefully it will be an exciting job.

So maybe all this excitement, running around, and getting used to college/jobs/firefighting is spreading me out, but I feel like I'll be able to slow down and get used to it all here soon. I've handled my time decently well throughout high school and I have a feeling I'll be able to keep it up here and now (or at least I really really really hope so). Just this feeling I have right now of peace and quiet gives me the confidence that I can make it through, but I know it's not going to be on my strength alone, I'll need some help. Friends are great and I know I have some of the best, but I've always got to realize when I need someone stronger. God is always there for me, always has been. When I spread myself this thin, get myself into trouble I shouldn't, or just plainly lose my way I can always call and He's there to answer me. I just wish I could realize this all the time instead of pushing Him aside the way I have over and over again... If I somehow make it through all this it will be because of Him. Not because of what I've done, but because of His love for me despite what I've done.