Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Not Alright

Burn away the pride
Bring me to my weakness
'til everything I hide behind is gone
And when I'm open wide with nothing left to cling to
Only You are there to lead me on.

'Cause honestly, I'm not that strong.

I'm not alright, I'm broken inside
Broken inside
And all I go through, it leads me to You
It leads me to You

-I'm Not Alright, Sanctus Real

So I'm flying who knows how high above the earth and I find myself, blogging? Yeah this world has definitely come up with some crazy things for us to use. I mean, I'm happy enough to fly! No matter be able to surf the web in flight! Anyways, Christmas was good. I was with family and that always makes for a good time, but now that I'm flying back, I really wish I could be there with them. I mean, it's not because I don't have fun at home, and I mean, a ton of this is because my time with them has been the only time since school started that I haven't had appointments or work. It's just been one, big hangout. Now that it's all over that means it's time to start getting ready for next semester. My acceptance into the nursing program comes with a lot of different requirements and little things I need to complete before I go to my first class.

I guess I can't get depressed too soon, I mean, I still have time left before school starts, but I just remember last semester, and I know I'm going to have to work even harder this semester. So long any small amounts of free time I might have had. I still have the weekends though and hopefully I will still have time to relax and recuperate before getting slammed into the next week.

Haven't written in a while so this feels pretty good. It keeps my mind a little less cluttered and helps me focus usually. Hopefully I'll find some time to write on here, but if I have to use it to study, so be it. Thanks for reading, peace out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where I Would Rather Be

Now to be honest today was a really good day. I finished my last fitness for life class, my last speech class (I'm exempt from the final!!!), and my last lab exam (which I believe I got an A on hopefully!). So overall an excellent day. I even got to see the girlfriend! So you know, can't go wrong there!

Drew this up in speech class wishing I could be somewhere else because it was so boring. I just never really get into the speeches at all and he gives us these little sheets that are about the perfect size to sketch on! It's not my fault! Anyways, the Jeep is not pulling some object, the road turns, it's a switchback. Just to clear things up. Chico.

p.s. The images can be viewed much larger if you click on them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weird Day

These past couple of days have been weird days actually. The weather appears to be favoring more of an antarctic feel than usual. Great. I guess I'm not dressing smart either wearing my Chacos to class.

This quick sketch definitely carries a little bit of an M.C. Escher vibe. Always liked that guy.

(The snowman is there just because it's getting closer to Christmas!!! And because it was really cold outside.)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

But At Least My Feet Are Dry! (Part 2)

Rolling into the Outdoor Education Center at 9 o'clock last night was a bunch of exhausted college students. After spending three days out in the Smoky Mountains backpacking through the ice, snow, and 20 or so degrees had left us all drained of energy.

On December 2-4 I spent my days hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Smoky Mountains. If you really want to check out the hike, it was between Davenport Gap and Newfound Gap, roughly 30 miles. Starting our days early and hiking all day long before arriving at the next shelter with an hour or so of daylight left was the norm. There's something about living off of what you can carry on your back that gives backpacking such an atmosphere of excitement. Eating one-pot-wonders or boiling water for a heart-warming drink all are glorious parts of the exciting adventure!

This trip was a little crazy seeing as it was a winter backpacking trip, and therefore required a little warmer of gear! Hiking during the day though usually kept us all warm enough to not even require too many layers. At night, it was a quick race to fix supper and crawl into bed to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.

The last day of our trip was plagued with wet weather. I say wet in the full meaning of the word. The clothing I was wearing slowly but surely got soaked through and through. I'm pretty sure the only part of my pack to stay dry was all the gear I had stuffed into the main pocket lined with a trash bag! The other two days of the trip had been beautiful, clear, sunny days, but then the last day decided to not cooperate and the weather turned on us all! Now, during this trip I had on my beautiful hiking boots. These boots are incredible! Even they couldn't stand up to the freezing rain we endured the third day! It was insane! Luckily enough my socks were warm enough to keep me going, but I was still amazed that the rains soaked the boots! I guess it goes to show that sometimes there's just no stopping mother nature.

Now that I'm back from that trip though and rested up it's time to prepare for the week ahead like usual. Finals are coming up in a week, and I have a lab exam for A&P I need to prepare for. The backpacking trip was a good break from all the hectic hustle and bustle this time of year brings, but now it's time to buckle down and get to it. I guess I'll be ready for it like usual!

And at least my feet are dry! (well, today at least!)