Monday, February 28, 2011

Backcountry Skiing - Day 1

Here's the video I made of our 27 hour drive out to Denver, CO

Back Where I Came From

Well...not exactly.

The West might not be my actual home (unless Tennessee somehow counts), but I sure believe it will be one day. I started this blog on a trip out here, and I think it appropriate to post again during this visit.

I'm on my spring break and right now am currently reside at the Colorado Mountain School in Estes Park, CO. I'm technically taking two upper division college courses called Avalanche Safety and Backcountry Skiing, but it's a lot more play than school.

I love being back out West. The weather, the snow, and the mountains are all so beautiful that I don't understand why I keep leaving it to go back to the Southeast. Tennessee is nice and all, but I am always amazed at the grandness of the mountains around here. No matter where I go out West it never fails to impress me. I'll have more to post as our adventure continues, but right now I'm exhausted from hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park running practice avalanche rescue scenarios, digging holes to examine the snowpack, and climbing up the base of the mountains to check slopes and do field observations.

I have a video showing our travels out here (all 27 hours) and I'll post that soon. Until then, take it easy and I'll check in later.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stand Back!

I'm going to try science!

So this might be an ongoing thing, but today I performed a science experiment at my job which is Director of Swimming Lessons (I'm a glorified babysitter). Today's experiment was "What happens when you place a skittle into a cup of water?" I used three different-colored skittles in three separate containers (Powerade cups) and then sat back to watch. Unfortunately one session of swimming lessons ended during the middle of my observation so I had to rush off and make sure all the kindergarten kids got changed instead of playing tag, naked, in the locker rooms. Upon my return I observed that in water, skittles completely disintegrate. The coloring is washed off and left at the bottom of the container while the insides float to the top. I think that since my observations were interrupted, I will have to perform this, and many other, experiments in the future. Luckily I have containers, tables, fridge with freezer, microwave, a/c, and stopwatches (and the internet!). I think there will be plenty to question, observe, and answer so stay tuned!

p.s. It would appear that out of orange, green, and red skittles that the red leaves the most coloration at the bottom of the container. This I believe is due to it being a darker color than the other two. Just a heads up.