Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hard Work

I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day, my bed is just a few feet away, and I’m ready for today to be over. I know this does not mean good things for the sanity of my blog, but I’ll try to keep it toned down.

One thing I have definitely learned from college is that it requires some work. Whoever believes that college can just be breezed through and that life will be just as easy has many lessons to learn. I don’t write these words to scare anyone off, college can be difficult, but it is very possible to do well no matter how hard, or bad, the teacher, class, or degree may be. Putting in the hard work and pushing through the difficulties only makes graduation that much sweeter. So I encourage all of you, no matter how rough college may seem, stick with it. In the end, you will see how much the hard work has paid off.

Okay, now that I have been nice I’m going to have to whine and complain a little bit so that you will understand where I’m coming from and why I write this today. On Sundays I have my fire department’s rookie school skills training. We do have some fun, but most of it is pretty tough stuff. Today went extremely long and I’m trying not to blame some of the other rookies, but it’s hard and I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m still a little peeved about it. I don’t have much time during my week. Classes and work fill my schedule so the time I get to spend actually working on firefighter skills is very, very minimal. I feel bad about this, but school and job come first. Some of the other rookies I know don’t have much to do with their life, but I still spend more time at the station, learn more, and remember more than they do. I talked with another rookie about it and he really believes that it may have something to do with being in college and having to work harder. I wasn’t sure if he was right back then, but now I’m really considering it as an option. It’s embarrassing to watch some of the other guys stumble over this and I’m telling you now, all it takes is a little planning and hard work. Buckle down, do the job, get it done. Sometimes it may not seem worth it, but keep working at it. Try your best in everything and I promise it will be worth it.

I feel bad for ranting too much, but I had to get it out there.