Monday, May 30, 2011

Now on to Lifeguarding!

Last Friday was my last day working grounds at my University. No more weed-whipping or mowing for me this summer. (except around my own house, of course...) Instead of working outdoors I will be moving on to my lifeguarding job at the University pool. My University has two indoor pools, one therapy pool and one 25m lap pool with a sad excuse for a diving board. This is my fifth summer working at this pool and it's amazing the changes I've seen. When I first started working, there was only the one 25m pool with its original diving board that was pure amazing. Since then they have added the therapy pool, a jacuzzi, and steam rooms and saunas in the new locker rooms. So much has changed and each summer brings a whole new slew of problems, personalities, and adventures. So I made a video to represent the exciting, extremely difficult job that is lifeguarding.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Did It All End, So That I Know Where To Begin

I've been instructed to keep my family updated with my adventures involving work, fire department, and mission trips and since my first year of college is over and that blogging gig is up, it's back to my personal blog! Yay! There's been so much going on since school left out I don't really feel like I have much more free time besides staying up later since I don't have to think as much mowing and trimming (but don't tell my boss!). Currently I work full time at my college on the mowing crew of landscape. We do fun things like run around in golf carts, trim grass, edge the sidewalks, and if you're really good they'll let you take out one of the mowers to actually do some mowing. I've affectionately deemed the mowers "pod racers" since they're the mowers with the two handles for gas and steering. Super sweet.

As far as the fire department goes I've practically been living there since school let out. I have my sleeping bag, mac, and two bags of generic walmart cereal so I think I'm set. I've run a few neat calls, including rescues from the aftermath of the April tornadoes, including an EF-4, that ran through a fair amount of our districts. Another big call was a wreck on the interstate involving two semi trucks and several smaller vehicles. Most of the smaller vehicles only had small amounts of damage, and the two semis were only rammed into each other. The cargo of the semi in the back was what really had a big effect. This particular semi was hauling four sections of railroad track. The top three sections must have broken loose in the wreck and slid up all the way into the back of the semi in front, reducing the cab of the second semi to a very thin section. The miraculous part of it all was that the driver and the passenger of that squished semi survived and I know the driver even walked out of the hospital the next day.

Those have been most of the major going-ons in my life and I'm sure I'll have many more, but until then I'll take my leave, the fire department calls!