Sunday, July 17, 2011

Living Large in Singapore

So now that I've finally showered, put on some clean clothes, and got my boarding pass, it's time to wait for the boarding time. In the short time between my 4 minute post and this one I have definitely had my Singapore adventure!

So one of the guys I met on this trip, EJ, and I were riding on the tram system they have between the terminals and we had a car all to our own. Which immediately meant leaving our luggage carts unattended and swinging/climbing all over the inside of the car. Our luggage immediately rolled away and spilled over the inside of the car, but that just gave us more obstacles to dodge. Finally we started to slow down for our arrival and we had to quickly pick up all our luggage.

Then it was off to explore the airport looking for our group so we could find the showers. Not too much longer and we were successful! We met up with members from our team and were pointed in the direction to find the showers. EJ and I found the place which had exercise machines, a pool table, and a pool on the roof! We had seen the pool earlier and it was all shut down, but as EJ and I were exploring around we discovered another door that we could sneak in to the pool area. We walked around for a bit looking at the pool and testing the hot tub (it was cold) before heading back down to check on showers. Well the showers were available and I was ready to clean up, but then I really had the urge to go swimming. EJ and I snuck back up to the pool and after looking around a little bit again we decided it was time. This pool was great! No roof, nice floors and plants all around, and full of clear water we were ready to jump in. So quickly we stripped down, jumped in, and went swimming around for a bit. Then we hopped out, grabbed our towels, and ran to our showers to warm up and wash before starting in on the longest part of our trip home.

Now we have our boarding passes and are waiting at a Starbucks for our boarding time to come. Right now it's 4:30 in the morning so we'll be able to board in thirty minutes or so. We are all looking very dead, but everyone is excited to get a little closer to home. Everyone wants to crash, but they're all trying to wait so we can sleep on the flights. I'm just excited to watch movies and stuff! I'll probably end up asleep too. Give me a couple more hours and I'll have been awake for 24 hours. Never a good idea for me, but I figure with all the flights ahead of us catching some naps on them will be nice. I probably won't be getting online in Tokyo which is our last stop before landing back in Atlanta so this will more than likely be my last post from the trip. I'll probably have another talking about being back and reflecting on my experience, but that doesn't really count. So last post of the trip. Feels so weird to be headed home, but I'm really excited to be back too. Being with friends and family sounds amazing right now and I look forward to being with them. Until then, peace out!

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