Monday, July 11, 2011

Sabbath Adventures

So this past Saturday I gave the sermon at church in the morning and sat through a Sabbath School that was nicely done, but in their language obviously, so I had my own little prayer session during that time. After the meal, we went to a member's house to eat lunch. It was really cool because most of the church was there all bringing different types of rice and toppings for the rice. Ever since that episode earlier that sent me to the clinic I haven't really eaten much, but I will admit I finally ate a pretty good meal that day. The food in my village is excellent and usually has more taste than what we're being served back at our cabins. When I finished eating I must have been falling asleep because they told me to go lay down on some mats and I was out. I woke up and everyone had left, my translator was sleeping, and so was most of our host family. We looked through some of their photo albums, we even spent some time feeding and playing with their pet rabbit, but one of the best things of the evening was getting to drive their motorcycle! We drove that around for a little bit and then decided to go check out Indonesia.

They were going to let me drive their car to the border, but it wouldn't start. So we just walked over to the rest of their family that was going and hopped in their car. So with a van loaded well beyond capacity we go driving up to the border to drive around and take pictures. We spent a fair amount of the day there just walking around, but it was really cool! I also get to check off one more country that I've been to on this trip! When we got back to the village of Entubah, we took the motorcycle out again and we went to the school where their daughter goes to school. It was a really fun drive on the bike and the school was actually really big! That about wrapped up the day because after that was just cleaning up and getting ready for the evening meeting. Even if it was a really chill Sabbath afternoon, I had such a great time actually getting to hang out with the people at my church! I've always loved these trips because of the friendships I make, but so far it's been really hard to spend time with the people here because of the rules we keep getting reminded about. Oh well, at least one day here has been really cool and productive! Since then it's been the same ol' same ol' of boring morning meetings, lazy afternoons, and then finally getting to go to our villages, but mostly just to preach. Sigh...

Tomorrow we're off to see Orangoutangs in the morning though so that should be a neat experience! Were driving all the way back out to the bigger city of Kutching so we might even get a little American food! The last time the group came out this way because of the culture village they got McDonalds and KFC if they wanted. We'll see what happens!

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