Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cross Country Skiing Gets Some Added Excitement

On Saturday, I took Jackson out in about two feet of fresh new powder to try out his booties! (I have accurately been referring to them as his "pawcuffs" due to his reaction to the things...) The pawcuffs worked great! Unfortunately they worked so well Jackson figured he would have to just run off on his own. All is well though and overall it was a great experience! Looking forward to pushing further ahead along the trail! Be sure to check the video at the end!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Colorado Adventures

Finished academy. Graduated college. Moved away from home. Finally I am living on my own in Colorado. I've been meaning to start writing again. This time not just trying to put up wordy blog posts, but incorporating some of my personal writings in to what I post here. This excerpt is from my first time hiking around in the backcountry near the camp I am currently working/living at. From the camp there is a beautiful view across the lake of the continental divide. I'll have to grab a picture of it. Anyways, one of the more distinct peaks is Sawtooth mountain. Not the tallest by far, only measuring up to 12,304 feet, The design of the peak and the constant reminder that it is there, really draw me to the summit. In these few pages, I recount my first hike along the trail towards my goal.